Thursday, February 3, 2011

sorry, i love you

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Maybe, if i have no feelings.. i will be the most happiest person on earth. no love, no care, no heartbreak, no trust, no offense. happiness is all i ever wanted. even it is not mine. others happiness is my happiness. maybe if we are not together, everyone will be happy.

  • Sometimes, i dont know how to make a decision. that’s the hardest part of it. even i choose to do nothing.
    i love everyone around me. but do they love me as i do? do my happiness your happiness? or u r just pretend to be. or maybe, my happiness is your sadness. i dont want to cause any chaos. i’m sorry. i can’t make it.
    most of all, i’m sorry i love you

  • leilockheart:

By infinity love
    When someone asks me what's wrong I just sau "nothing." Not because I don't want to tell them, but because my mind is filled with thousands and thousand of thoughts that I just don't know how to explain.

    Wednesday, February 2, 2011

    1 february 2011

    motif datang sekolah semula  ----
    - datang nak ambil sijil SPM 09' tapi tak keluar lagi (maluu gileee) tapi hati lega bila dapat jumpa kawan-kawan lame yang daa nak dekat 1tahun tak jumpe :) hahahaa  . . . bile jumpe macam-macam cerite laaa . .
    so datang juz ambil sijil modul sajee lah , huh ! meet beramai-ramai BEST ! ! nieh laa time aku dengan member aku dekat TERT :)